Unique Restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Note Cafe

This charming restaurant is one that I will recommend time and time again to travellers of all sorts.  Marvel at the walls for hours as you take in notes from around the world.  It was a connecting kind of experience.  Check out different parts of the cafe below:

Nola Cafe

I believe I may have ordered a sandwich here, maybe?  But check out this aesthetic- it was the different kind of vintage, eclectic scenery that we craved!

The Veg

Being a vegetarian on the road can sometimes be tough, but I have to say I visited this restaurant multiple times as I always left feeling satisfied and hearty, sometimes difficult to say as a non-meat eater.  Not to mention, I tried something different each time as the options are fresh and plentiful!  A favorite was the Lentil Sandwich.

Cafes on Train Street

The infamous train street may be pegged as a tourist trap, but really it is so unique and I wouldn’t advise against grabbing some tea or coffee while you marvel at this narrow yet like-no-other find.  It was a sweltering day and we would pay quite a penny for air conditioning at the point in which we visited, so it was more of a quick stop for us but would certainly love to spend longer next time.

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