My name is Alyssa and I travel the world as a public school teacher. 

Over the past 5 years, I have traveled to 28 countries, 19 states, and limitless local getaways!  My key?  Cheap flights, living a frugal lifestyle, and being open-minded about what a trip really means.  But how?

I show you how you can vacation to your bucket list destinations without breaking the bank OR quitting your job.  Fellow teacher?  Let’s revamp your summer and winter break!  Got a job in corporate?  How about we maximize your PTO.

Allow me to be your guide as you plan short term US travel, coast to coast.  I cover bustling cities like Chicago and Seattle or laidback beach towns like Santa Barbara.  Got an itch for hiking?  I write detailed national park itineraries covering Olympic National Park, Bryce Canyon, and so much more. 

Dreaming of international escapades?  Let’s plan your trip to limitless destinations such Spain, Costa Rica, or Portugal.  

When I’m not in the classroom or eating an apple on every airplane, I am fostering or dog-sitting a pup surrounded by vanilla candles on a cozy night in.  

TOGETHER, let’s travel through this once in a lifetime LIFE of ours, no matter what that looks like for you, and your circumstances!  Join me! 

Let’s explore!