Best Easy Hikes in Sedona [2024]

Airport View hiking trail in Sedona

Looking for the best easy hikes in Sedona?  Sedona is perhaps one of the most breathtaking places in the United States.  Its famous red rock formations are known around the world.  


Located in Arizona, Sedona is particularly known for its outdoor adventure activities.  

Sedona has incredible hiking trails through the Coconino National Forest that are conducive to a variety of hiking levels.


Exploring some of the most beautiful views on an easy hike in Sedona is very doable.  

One of the best things about Sedona is being surrounded by incredible views no matter where you are.  No need to scale a 10 mile summit in order to experience all of the beauty!  


Sedona is enjoyable by foot on a variety of easy hikes.  This round-up guide features the best easy hikes in Sedona from the first hand perspective of many travel bloggers.  

Let’s explore the beauty of red rock country with the best easy hikes in Sedona! 

Sedona Planning Details

Getting to Sedona

Rent a car from Phoenix or Scottsdale for the scenic drive up north.  Alternatively, take a shuttle bus from Phoenix.  

The Sedona Shuttle is a new public transportation option for visitors throughout the park.  Established in 2022, it takes visitors to a variety of trailheads.  

It runs year round Thursday  – Sunday.  I recommend checking the website before you go to confirm the shuttle can drop off at the trailheads you are interested in.  

Sedona Weather

Sedona sees mild temperatures most of the year.  My favorite time to visit is in the winter because there are less crowds!  

10 Best Easy Hikes in Sedona

Yavapai Vista

Yavapai Vista
Yavapi Vista in Sedona

Length: .5 miles


Difficulty: Easy


Yavapai Vista is a famous engagement and wedding elopement location within Sedona.  With its easy approach and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder why!


But you don’t need an elopement to explore the incredible hike!


One of my favorite things about Yavapai Vista is its near 360° panorama views.  It is a 15 minute flat out and back trail.  The distance and flat terrain make it a good option for hikers at a variety of levels.  


Bonus: The parking lot was open here even on a very crowded Sedona day.  Yavapai Vista is a Sedona gem among more popular trails.  

Sugarloaf Loop

Sugarloaf Loop Trail
Sugarloaf Loop Trail in Sedona

Length: 2 miles


Difficulty: Easy


Sugarloaf Loop trail is a gem located away from the most crowded areas of Sedona.  

You can also spot rock climbers along the route!  Dogs are allowed on this trail.  


Sugarloaf Loop boasts 360 panoramic views from a mostly flat route.  There is uphill walking when approaching the summit, but you can skip this if you want to hike on flat terrain only.  


My first couple of times on the trail were cutting through to access rock climbing routes, but I quickly learned how beautiful the entire Sugarloaf area of the Coconino National Forest is for hiking.  


The parking lot is small so I recommend arriving early in the morning or later in the afternoon during high season.  

During the low season in the winter, you should find a parking space at any time.  No parking pass is required to park in this lot.  


Teacup Trail to Coffeepot Rock

Teacup Trail to Coffepot Rock
Teacup Trail to Coffeepot Rock Trail

Length: 2.7 miles


Difficulty: Easy


Coffeepot Rock is one of the quintessential views and natural wonders in Sedona. And taking the Teacup Trail will take you to the base of this large rock shaped just like a coffee pot!


The Teacup trailhead shares a parking lot with the Sugarloaf trail, so get here early to secure a parking spot. 

Embark on the hike as you marvel at red rocks and cacti all around you. You’ll go deeper into the red canyon walls until a little after 1 mile in you’ll see Coffeepot Rock up close and personal. 

This is a great ‘bang for your buck’ hike in Sedona since it is not terribly long or difficult while still having fantastic views throughout. Give yourself 1-2 hours to complete the hike. 

Although the trail is considered easy, it is recommended to download the Alltrails map and look at it often since many trails intersect it. 

This hike is one of the best easy hiking trails in Sedona-,which also makes for a perfect stop on a road trip from Las Vegas to Monument Valley!

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Seven Sacred Pools

Seven Sacred Pools is one of the best easy hikes in Sedona
Seven Sacred Pools Trail in Sedona

Length: 1.1 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

The Seven Sacred Pools trail is a series of seven small pools or potholes. 

A nearby seasonal stream feeds the red sandstone pools. Local Native Americans consider these pools sacred, hence the name.

When heading to the sacred pools, you will take Soldiers Pass Trail No. 66. Along the way, you’ll pass by Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole, one of Sedona’s largest natural sinkholes.  

You’ll even encounter impressive cliffs and natural rock formations! I finished the out-and-back trail in less than 30 minutes.

If you would like to extend the hike, continue along the path to explore the rest of the Soldiers Pass Trail.  

This is a moderate 4.5 mile hike. It is an out-and-back trail, so you can turn around at any time.  

The trailhead parking is limited.  The gate opens at 8am and closes at 6pm, but there’s a nifty solution to the parking situation! 

The City of Sedona offers a free shuttle service that whisks you from a central park & ride location right to the trailhead. It operates Thursday through Sunday.

As an added bonus, Seven Sacred Pools is a dog friendly hike in Sedona.  

As experienced by Teresa of An Acre in the City

Secret Slick Rock

Secret Slick Rock is one of the best easy hikes in Sedona
Secret Slick Rock Trail in Sedona

Length: .74 Miles

Difficulty: Easy

Parking at the Secret Slick Rock Trailhead, this super short out and back offers astounding views of Cathedral Rock from a vantage point many people miss. 

The Secret Slick Rock trail is great at any time of the day, but in our opinion, the best time to visit is at sunset. In fact, Secret Slick Rock is one of our all time favorite sunsets in Sedona locations. 

The trail starts off flat, leading you through beautiful desert plants before a slight decline in elevation and an open expansive view of Cathedral Rock from a massive slick rock slab. 

If you get the chance to visit after a good rain, the place is even more magical. Divots in the slick rock create pools of water. And those pools… they create the best reflection of Cathedral Rock. 

I recommend planning to spend 30 minutes to an hour here. 

The hike itself only takes about 10 minutes, but plan to spend more time soaking in the views.

As experienced by Heather of Arbours Abroad

Devil’s Kitchen

Devil's Kitchen Hike
Devil’s Kitchen Trail in Sedona

Length: .4 miles

Difficulty: Easy

Devil’s Kitchen in the Coconino National Forest near Sedona, Arizona, is a natural wonder.  The vibrant red rock formations along the trail are an incredible site to see. 

The hike to Devil’s Kitchen is an easy .4-mile out-and-back hike on the Soldiers Pass trail that generally takes about 20 minutes roundtrip to complete. 

The mostly flat dirt trail provides beautiful red rock views as soon as you start the hike.  

The hikes in and around Sedona are some of the most scenic in the world and are on par with those in Yosemite National Park

If you are looking for a longer hike, continue on the Soldiers Pass trail to the Seven Sacred Pools or the caves.

The Devil’s Kitchen is a sinkhole created in 1888 when a cave suddenly collapsed.  About a hundred years later, in 1989, another large portion of the rock area collapsed creating an even larger sinkhole. 

The parking lot at the Soldiers Pass trailhead is small and provides limited accessibility to the trailhead during high season.

 Sedona offers a shuttle bus to the Soldiers Pass trailhead when the parking lot is closed. 

Dogs on a leash are welcome on the Soldiers Pass trail. 

As experienced by Michelle of The Trav Nav

Airport View Trail

Airport View hiking trail in Sedona
Airport View in Sedona

Length: 1.4 miles


Difficulty: Moderate


The official Airport View Trail is rated as moderate, but the views can actually be enjoyed with no hike at all.  Park at the Airport parking lot and simply walk to the viewpoint.  


Parking costs $3 or is free with the Red Rocks pass or the annual America the Great National Parks pass.  There are binoculars available here for one quarter to use.  


Airport View Trail begins at the top of the mountain, so the best views are arguably from the starting point.  

This trail is officially rated as moderate due to the rocky terrain walking downhill.  It is an out and back trail so requires walking back up the rocky terrain to get back to the starting point.  


Visitors can alternatively hike Airport Loop Trail for a more challenging route.  


Whether you complete the entire hike or just enjoy the views, I highly recommend visiting.  In my opinion, the Airport View provides some of the best views in all of Sedona.  


Birthing Cave Trail

Birthing Cave Trail is a beautiful easy hike in Sedona
Birthing Cave Trail in Sedona

Length: 1.9 miles

Difficulty: Moderate

The Birthing Cave in Sedona is one of the most bang-for-your-buck trails in town. The trail is flat and just 1.9 miles, but leads to one of the most unique caves in Sedona.  

It has an iconic diamond shaped opening that overlooks the red rock mesas and cliffs in the distance!

There’s a handful of free parking spots along the eastern and western side of Long Canyon Road by the trailhead. 

Unlike a lot of hikes in Sedona, the Birthing Cave seems to have largely flown under the tourist radar and there’s usually no trouble finding parking.  

However, if you’re visiting during peak season (March – June or September – October), consider arriving bright and early to make sure you snag a spot. 

While the hike itself is relatively easy, following the correct path can be tricky!  The trail is not well-signed and seemingly has endless trails that can lead you astray. 

Download a map of the trail ahead of time so you can stay on the trail. 

If you really want a bucket list experience at Birthing Cave, arrive at sunset.  

Sit on the sloping walls of the cave for an excellent vantage point of the sun setting over Sedona’s famed red rocks!

As experienced by Jessica of Uprooted Traveler

Bell Rock

Bell Rock in Sedona
Bell Rock Trail in Sedona

Length: 1 mile 

Difficulty: Moderate


Bell Rock is a stunning rock formation in Sedona.  The scenery is beautiful and makes for a very serene hiking experience, especially in the spring and fall. The trail is pet-friendly but not wheelchair accessible. 


There are three different parking areas for Bell Rock.  Bell Rock Trailhead North is the closest lot to the trailhead and is always very busy.  

Yavapai Point offers overflow for the Trailhead North lot. Bell Rock Trailhead South is the furthest lot from Bell Rock.  


The hike is relatively easy and straightforward until you reach Bell Rock. There isn’t a distinct trail to follow, requiring rock scrambling to climb higher. 

There’s a lot of freedom to explore and climb the sandstone however you’d like. The climb offers some amazing views of the Sedona Valley along the way. 


Alternatively, consider Bell Rock Pathway for a smoother and more accessible experience, if needed.  Bell Rock Pathways is rated as Easy on AllTrails.  


The Red Rock Pass or America the Beautiful Pass is required to visit Bell Rock. 


As experienced by Candice of CS Ginger

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