Holland Tulip Festival Visit

Who says you can’t experience a taste of Europe from the midwest?  Located 2.5 hours from Chicago in Holland, Michigan, this springtime festival makes for a memorable getaway and change of scenery.

The Details

Location: 35mn from Grand Rapids, 2.5 hours east of Chicago, 3 hours 45 mn from Indianapolis

How many days: 1-2 days.  Easily doable as a day trip, or take your time and grab a hotel for the night.

Parking: Street parking and parking lots are free.  Arrive early (no later than 10:00am) and plan to walk instead of drive to different spots around town.  We scored a parking lot space easily in the morning.  Then we tried to drive 4 minutes across town at 12:00.. and were held up in non-moving traffic for 30 minutes.

Holland Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan


If driving from Chicago, you will need to pay $10 at the sky toll both entering and exiting Indiana.  Make reservations in advance if you plan to eat at a restaurant in downtown Holland (we were stuck with a 3 hour wait, so decided to switch over a town).

Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan

Windmill Island

All those beautiful pictures you see of a Windmill over a field of tulips?  Yup, that’s at Windmill Island.  We had a 30 minute line to enter at 1:00pm  but I imagine earlier morning hours would make a considerable difference.

Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan

There is a $10 entrance fee.  Windmill Island also features small shops, basic carnival food items, and a merry go round for extra cost.  Windmill Island welcomes visitors year-round but Tulip bloom is seasonal.

Windmill Island in Holland, Michigan

Artisan Market

The $7 entrance fee is worth it!  We were able to learn about Scandinavian  culture and Scandinavian influence in Michigan.  It was fun learning about the process of making traditional wooden shoes from John who has been presenting this art for almost 30 years.  The market is open only during the 2 weeks the festival runs.  Purchase tickets online in advance.

Artisan Market, Civic Center at Holland Tulip Festival 2021

Nelis’ Dutch Village

Holland Mansion

Downtown Holland

From local mom and pop shops, the sweetest cafes, and a twist of antique shopping, spend a bit of your trip wandering around this charming town.  Advance reservations are required in order to get into any restaurants during the festival unless you are content with a 3 hour wait!

That’s that!  We hope you enjoy your future trip to Holland, Michigan, or that we have been able to inspire some wanderlust.  If you have visited and have additional tips, feel free to comment below!

Tulips at Windmill Island, Holland Tulip Festival
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