The Ultimate Guide to Coral Pink Sand Dunes Sandboarding

Looking to try your foot at Coral Pink Sand Dunes Sandboaring?  What even IS sandboarding?You’ve come to the right place!  Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Coral Pink Sand Dunes Sandboarding.

Often overlooked due to ever popular Zion and Bryce Canyon, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Kanab, Utah is a perfect addition to your Southwest Utah Road Trip Itinerary.  For less crowds and some sandy fun, read on!

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Details

Location: Kanab, Utah.  The Coral Pink Sand Dunes are approximately 40 minutes from Zion, 1 hour 30mn from Bryce Canyon, 3 hours from Las Vegas, and 4 hours 40 minutes from Salt Lake City.

When to visit: Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is open 7 days a week from sunset to sundown year-round.  There are no holiday closures.  Many recommend visiting spring through fall.  I visited in March and it had snowed the day before so we weren’t sure if we would be greeted to some white dunes, which probably would have been cool either way.  It was absolutely freezing and windy.

How many days: One afternoon if you plan for hiking and sandboarding.  One full day for additional activities (ATV tour, camping, etc)

Parking: There is a large parking lot at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Visitor’s Center.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Sandboard Rental

Upon arrival at the main entrance, cars pull up to the visitor booth (just like at a national park entrance!) to pay the $10 parking fee per vehicle.

Next, ask to rent a sandboard or sand sled.  The cost is $25 per board and includes a wax block to keep the bottom of your board smooth. Helmets or other protective gear are not included.   (Due to recurring concussions, I packed my helmet just to be safe).

After receiving your rental, park rangers will provide brief directions for how to use the boards, and how frequently to wax them in between.

Other Things to Do at Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Playing in sand dunes is always a good time!  Especially with the unique coral pink coloring Kanab has to offer.  From calling the Parks office a few days prior, I learned that board rentals may get swooped up fast so if you’re looking for a rental, arrive around opening.  There was only one car in front of us and we had the dunes primarily to ourselves until about 10:00am when it begins to fill up.

Sand Dune Sledding

Follow the same steps to rent a sandboard, but request a sandsled instead!  The primary differene is the sled will be bigger because it is intended for sitting, and the board will be bigger because it is intended for standing.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes ATV

Around 90% of the park is open to Coral Pink Sand Dunes ATV riding.  If you want to give this sport a go, consider signing up for an ATV Tour through the state park website.  You can also sign up for rappelling tours here.


The Coral Pink Sand Dunes hiking trails aren’t too intensive.  Everything pretty much looks the same, from expansive coral, pink sand for miles about miles.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t sensatioanlly beautiful!  I just wouldn’t worry so much about following a particular route.  If you are so inclined to do so, the park has two official routes.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Trail

Distance: .8 Miles.

Rating: Easy

This out and back trail is mostly flat with 85ft elevation gain.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Distance: 2.2 Miles

Rating: Moderate

This loop trail takes about an hour to complete.  Dogs are not allowed on the trail.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes Camping

Two campgrounds (old and new) are available.  Call toll free (800)-322-3770 for reservations.

Things to do near Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Consider checking out Peekaboo Slot Canyon also located in Kanab, Utah.  A 4X4 vehicle is necessary to access this dramatic red canyon, much like that of the highly known Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

Is Coral Pink Sand Dunes worth it?

YES!  A BIG time yes.  Coral Pink Sand Dunes gets visitors off the beaten path, while exploring a Southwestern Utah Road Trip.  While exploring popular spots like Zion or Bryce Canyon, fuel your adrenaline rush with the ultimate Coral Pink Sand Dunes sandboarding!

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