2 Day Zion National Park Itinerary

We absolutely were mesmerized by Utah from day 1!  And there’s no surprise why.  Accessible from many larger airport hubs, it’s doable as a long weekend trip or for much longer.  The following is a two day Zion National Park itinerary, attached to our weeklong Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase Escalante, and Coral Pink Sand Dunes week-long trip.

Day 1: The Narrows

We left very early in the morning to make it from Las Vegas to Zion in order to catch our shuttle bus for The Narrows

It is VERY important to rent wet suit gear depending on the season you are visiting.  The water was up to our waist at some points, and I made the mistake or renting wet pants instead of a wet suit with overalls, or fully covering the arms.  Falling in is not uncommon and you don’t want to spend the rest of this incredibly unique hike freezing!

Day 2: Hike of Choice and Cayoneering

Watchman Hike

An incredibly scenic hike, definitely a bit of incline but doable for a variety of hiker levels, just ensure to bring enough water and take breaks when you need, and watch the edge of the cliffs.  An alternative to the shuttle bus.  Located walking distance from the visitor center and Watchman Campground.

Watchman Hike Viewpoint


We were SO incredibly excited to experience the sport of Canyoneering.  Canyoneering is the act of descending through a canyon, starting at the top and getting out on the bottom.  Depending on the difficulty of your canyon, this may involve a couple of repels, swimming, going through waterfalls, etc.  Ours had three repels an da bit of hiking to get to each one.  Canyoneering tours are not allowed in the park itself so we booked a group to a town just outside of Zion called Orderville where we explored one of the most beautiful red rock slot canyons- the pictures speak for themselves, and even they don’t do it full justice.

Canyoneering Tour
Canyoneering Tour

It doesn’t sound like much time at all, but these two days kept us plenty busy at this beautiful national park.  See Bryce Canyon, or full itinerary for more information!  If you liked this Zion National Park Itinerary or have more ideas to share, drop a comment below!

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