Best Views at Death Valley National Park

Maybe you’ve dreamed of this desert getaway for as long as you can remember!  Maybe it the idea of it became hidden amongst more commonly visited national parks in the region, like Grand Canyon or Yosemite.  No matter the reason you’re hear, the beauty is almost other-worldly and I can’t wait to show you how to experience this.  So I give to you (all opinions my own), the best views at Death Valley National park.

5. Zabriskie Point

Especially stellar during golden hour with fluorescent pink mountain tops!

4. Golden Canyon

Incredible hike for all ages with views.  If choosing to continue towards Red Cathedral approach, there is some steep scrambling and climbing towards the top.

3. Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Dramatic shadows cast over the golden sands at golden hour.  Post golden hour brings a white-tan sand look.

Golden Hour
Post-Golden Hour

2. Artists Palette

Turquoise, pink, tan, brown, purple- all sorts of colors come out at Artist’s Palette

1. Badwater Basin

Quite possibly one of my favorite places I have ever visited, EVER!  I’m no astronaut, but this is like something from the moon.  After parking your car, make your way to a boardwalk with a sign.  This ramp is ADA accessible.  Continue walking along the white salt.  The further you go, the trail eventually ends and the salt dramatically changes.  The furthest out you will find the most hexagonal and crystalized salt formations.  Many photographers love this point for galaxy photography as well.  I DID however find the drive back to Furnace Creek very scary in pitch dark.  I generally do not like driving through national parks past dark!

Have you ever visited Death Valley National Park?  Comment your favorite viewpoints below!

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