3 Breathtaking Hikes in Thailand

Doi Chiang Dao National Park

Potentially a best kept secret of the area- we thankfully lucked out with booking this hike just the night prior.  It had originally caught our eye, but we had so many items to explore in the northern Thailand area that we had almost forgotten!  A MUST recommend for more intensive hikers- this is NOT an easy hike, but it is most enjoyable and the scenery is absolutely incredible.  I have never felt more truly like I was really trekking!

Doi Inthanon National Park

This one you don’t need to be hiker of the year to enjoy!  For the sake of timing instead of completing this as a hiking expedition, we joined a tour group that would take us to the top sights of the park.  Honestly, loving to hike so much, I do wish that we had more time to truly take all of the beauty in but we are grateful that we could have the experience enjoying this area.

Bua Tong Waterfall

Not necessarily a traditional hike, but you sure can make it a sticky one!  Nature’s playground in a whole new light offering sticky rocks and a rope to climb and explore about a part of nature I had no idea existed.

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