8 Things to do in Le Marche, Italy

Le Marche- There’s a reason we heard some call it Sicily’s South!

1. Ascoli De Piceno

Take an afternoon trip to this enchanting town.  Explore the cobblestone roads, charming bridge, and city center.  Grab some stuffed olives on your way out- a delicacy of the Marche region, and especially common in this town.

2. Frassasi Caves

Such a unique way to explore Italy!  I had no idea about this unique caving system

3. Day Trip to San Marino

Earning its title as 5th smallest country in the world, this gem is surrounded fully by Italy.

4. Murola Winery

5. Civitanova

A shopping afternoon just a train away awaits.

6. Sunflower Fields

You would be hard pressed not to find one of these on any given day in the region!  While sunflower transplants have recently become popular, it’s incredible to experience them in their natural region.

7. Adriatic Sea

The glimmering blue waters border this region- just a ferry across to Croatia.

8. Weekend Trip to Croatia

Amazing that another country can be accessible via ferry on the Adriatic Sea!   The journey can span over a manner of hours depending on your departure and arrival location.  A ferry into Croatia can be accessed from other parts of Italy as well, such as Venice.

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