1.5 Days in Santorini

The nature, the buildings, something out of a fairytale!  Let me just start off by saying a day and a half was NOT enough time and I recommend at the very least two nights and two full days on this beautiful island.  You must fly in and out of Athens- and we scheduled so many back to back flights, these days could have had more JOY if we were not so exhausted.

Areas CoveredGroup SizeDaysCalendar
Fira to Oia21.5January

Day 1: Fira to Oia

A SIMPLE guide.  Not filled with as many crazy tales.  Take a look!

  1. Arrive at your accommodation!
  2. Begin the hike from Fira (bottom of the island) to Oia (top of the island).  Expect BEAUTIFUL views throughout.

  1. Get lucky and catch your perfect sunset location snapshot in front of the bright, blue building tops.

  1. Catch a bus back down to Fira
  2. Grab a falafel dinner (I know, we like this food) before making it back to your accommodation before dark.

Day 2: Fira

  1. Wake up!  Eat a greek sandwich.  Did someone say feta, tomato, and olives?  Yum.
  2. Explore Fira in the daylight
  3. Off you go on your flight back into Athens!  Until next time, Santorini

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