Things to Do In Slovenia

Have you heard of Slovenia?  Ljubljana didn’t ring a bell for me a couple of years ago.  It all started one summer afternoon in our apartment in Italy when a friend showed me a picture of Lake Bled.  That was it.  Like, that’s the whole story.  Saw lake. Purchase tickets. Must go.

If you are looking for things to do in Slovenia, check out these highlights in our guide here.

Lake Bled

Just captivating.  Breathtaking, really.  Can I say that again? We had approximately one hour at the lake and by the time I had gotten a mere glimpse I knew this was not nearly enough.

The lake- serene, blue, pure.  With a castle on an island in the middle, and another castle built into cliffs onward further in the distance- just look at a picture, seriously.

Things to do:

1. Sit and enjoy!

2. Visit the castle on the island via boat

3. Take a swim

4. Take a stroll along the winding path surrounding this immaculate scenery

5. Try the Bled Cream Cake

City Center

WOW!  This was fun, and charming.  Countless gelato varieties, an accordian player, and NOT over-crowded with tourists- I had found it.  Could this be my city?

Travellers who have not yet ventured international and are fearful of crowds or overwhelming experiences, I kindly encourage you to consider Slovenia.  This walkable city center all accessible on foot, few crowds, and a melting pot of foods from surrounding nations- it’s just exquisite.

Free Walking Tour

You couldn’t miss the five guides with bright, yellow umbrellas outside some of the iconic buildings.  Groups were kept small enough to remain engaged with your guide.  Sidenote!  Don’t have time for a 2 hour walking tour?  Stay for one!  It’s still kind to tip your guide, so please consider this when leaving early.

Milk Dispensing machine! Cool, right?!


Slovenia is known for a variety of different cuisines such as dumplings, and has also taken to cuisines of surrounding countries.  You would be hard pressed not to find Italian and Polish foods throughout the country!

We hope you found some magical ideas of things to do in Slovenia for your wanderlust itinerary.  Drop a comment below to share your favorite highlights!

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