Casco Viejo 1 Day Itinerary

Have just a bit of time in Casco Viejo, Panama?  Check out the itinerary options below!

The Details

First, some info:

Casco Viejo is also known as: Casco Antiguo, Old Town, Old City.  

Location: Approximately 35 minutes from Toucam Airport

Fun fact: President lives in this town

Panama Metropolitan Cathedral

Things to Do

Panama Viejo Ruins

Absolutely beautiful and an incredible historical site to visit.  Take an Uber for about $5-$7 from Casco Viejo and pay $10 entrance fee (for non-Panama Citizens) at the front.  A driver in a 4-wheeler will pick you up and drive you to the start of the ruins.  Take your time walking around as the 4-wheelers come around every 15 minutes or so and take you back to the front.  If you have rented a car, there is a small parking lot at the bottom.

Panama Viejo Ruines
Panama Viejo Ruins
Hypothetic North View inside of the Bell Tower, originally serving as a lookout

Amador Causeway

There are many places to view the lake.  A favorite lower cost activity of mine in the area was kayaking the lake!  There are so many tours and I wanted to do something on my own for not as much money.  Parked at the Arenal Boat Rental Association and rented a kayak for $35 for an hour and a half.  While cloudy, the views were stunning!  It was cool as well to be able to check out the islands out on the water that we had seen from a distance while hiking the previous day. 

Boardwalk at Amador Cauweway
Restaurants at Amador Causeway
One of the Panama Viejo signs in front of the pier accessible along Amador Causeway

El Trepiche

Time for lunch!  El Trepiche served of the most authentic food in Panama I tasted.  I could not recommend them highly enough.  It is located in the El Cangrejo neighborhood of Panama City, about a 15-20 minute Uber ride or drive from Casco Viejo.  After your delicious cuisine, take a stroll at Metropolitan Natural Park.  

Emparedado Vegano at El Trepiche
Passionfruit Cheesecake at El Trepiche
Metropolitan Natural Park
Metropolitan Natural Park

Walking Tour Casco Viejo

Walking tour (or walk yourself!) around beautiful, charming Casco Viejo.  If not on a walking tour, take some time to educate yourself about its heritage and how this town came to be in present day.  Key sites: Cathedral, Arco Chato, French Plaza/Square

Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus, Casco Viejo
Casco Viejo
Casco Viejo
Overview of Panama City standing at Plaza de Francia or French Plaza, Casco Viejo

Coca Cola Cafe

For dinner, head on over to the oldest restaurant in Panama!

Coca Cola Cafe, Casco Viejo
Delicious plantanes, rice. salad, and beans at Coca Cola Cafe


Other options to swap out or extend your trip include:

-Cerro Ancon Hike

-Miraflores Locks (or another viewpoint of the Panama Canal)

-Soberania National Park

That’s that!  We hope you enjoy your future trip to Casco Viejo, or that we have been able to inspire some wanderlust.  If you have visited and have additional tips, feel free to comment below!

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