3 Days in Yellowstone

Honestly, this place is a GEM and like many other parks there is always more to see and explore, but what’s unique about Yellowstone is that it’s always DIFFERENT.  The land formations, wet or dry, high or low- it’s all there.  One of our days was purely spent driving around visiting scenic parts of the park, and this day in and of itself was not to miss.

Day 1: Grand Prismatic, Old Faithful

We drove from our campsite that was still about 2-3 hours from the park entry due to some interesting planning on our end!  After pitching our tents at the camp ground,  our first stop was at Grand Prismatic.

There are TWO ways to view Grand Prismatic, and we highly recommend both-


Make sure to take the Fairy Falls Trail in order to see the view from the top (see photo above).  You can park at the Fairy Falls Parking Lot.

Ground Level:

Then head on down to the Midway Geyser Basin and do the one-way boardwalk to check out the geyser up close.

It’s interesting to explore the many animal prints you may find in the water as well!  I was interested to learn as to what types of animals are able to survive in this type of spring due to it’s heated temperature and chemical nature.  Do you know any of these?  Intrigue me!

Then, it was off to Old Faithful.  It was a bit later in the day at this point and we were very exhausted from our long drive starting at Glacier the day before (find full itinerary of this roadtrip here) so we called it a day.

Old Faithful

Day 2

Find a hike!    We recommend visiting AllTrails to find one that is right for you.  We went on Bunsen Peak and absolutely enjoyed it.

Bunsen Peak
Bunsen Peak

On the way back to our campground, we stopped at all the scenic byways we could especially to check out the various hotsprings (which honestly each is VERY unique from the next).  Some examples here include:

Beryl Spring


Day 3

This day was a necessity!  There was lots more we needed to see before leaving so extended another day.  The following surely did not disappoint:

Turquoise Paint Pots

From Soup to Stew

After Turquoise Paint Pots and all that it entails, you can head on over to Roaring Mountain. Not one to miss!  Geysers going off in the middle of a majestic mountain landscape- how other worldly, and incredible.

Mammoth Hot Spring Terrace

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